Can I Get Off Probation Early in Georgia?

Brandon Bullard
February 4, 2022

If you have been convicted of a crime, the judge may decide to place you on probation for a specified duration. Your probation can be up to one year for misdemeanor offenses or longer for felony cases. However, in Georgia, judges can revoke, change or modify the probation terms during the probation duration.

How Early Probation Termination Works

Judges are legally allowed to terminate your probation if they determine that you have reformed and have demonstrated good conduct. In some cases, the judge may require you to complete a specific duration of your probation before considering to set you free.

Before a judge terminates your probation, they have to confirm whether you have fulfilled the agreed terms. The terms may include paying fines, participating in community service, or attending mandatory counseling sessions.

How to Get Off Probation Early

  • File a petition- With the help of a Georgia probation attorney, you can file a petition for the court to review the case and give you early probation termination. Your attorney should present a reasonable explanation as to why you deserve to get the termination. For example, your lawyer can present evidence that probation no longer serves its intended purpose and is negatively affecting your ability to move forward.
  • Complete the probation terms- The judge will confirm whether or not you have complied with probation terms before terminating your probation early. Therefore it’s essential to ensure that you attend the mandatory counseling sessions, complete the community service or pay your fines.
  • Maintain a clean record-  You’re eligible for early probation termination if you can prove to the court that you have reformed. Staying away from crime and exhibiting responsible behavior makes early termination of your probation more likely.

When Can You Request for Early Probation Termination?

While the law allows judges to terminate probation anytime, they will most likely grant early termination if you have served a considerable amount of time on probation. For misdemeanor offenses, the judge may grant early termination after you completed at least a year of the sentence. On the other hand, if you’re convicted of a felony, you might have to wait for at least 18 months.

Remember, the judges can use their discretion, and your early probation termination may depend on the facts and circumstances of your case. It’s essential to consult your lawyer to determine if it’s time to file a petition.

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After Governor Kemp signed Senate bill 105 (Innovative Probation Reform Bill), Georgians on lengthy probation can seek early termination. However, you need to prove that the termination will be in the best interest of the community.

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