Why Might Someone Be Removed from the Sex Offender Registry in Georgia?

If you have been placed on a sex offender registry in Georgia and wish to have your listing removed, our attorneys can help. To find out more about removal from Georgia's sex offender listing, contact The Bullard Firm to schedule a consultation today.

What Is A Level Two Sex Offender?

The consequences of being registered as a sex offender on the Georgia Sex Offender can be life-altering. Therefore, it is extremely important that you take the necessary steps to protect your rights and reputation by removing your name from the registry.

How a Georgia Expungement Attorney Can Help Your Criminal Record

At The Bullard Firm, we understand that having a criminal record can be a burden, preventing you from getting jobs and housing and affecting your relationships.

How Does Parole Work in Georgia?

If you have been arrested and could face a longer prison term if convicted, you may wonder when or if you have a chance for parole. A Georgia parole attorney can answer your questions and help you understand how parole works in Georgia.

What Are the Statutory Rape Laws in Georgia?

The Bullard Firm is committed to providing the best defense for your sex crime case in Georgia. We will take care of your needs and help remove your name from the Georgia sex offender registry.

How Does a Criminal Appeal Work in Georgia?

The Georgia appeals process can be complicated, so hiring the right Georgia criminal appeals attorney is crucial.

What Happens if You Violate Probation in Georgia?

It’s always best to work with a Georgia probation violation attorney if you have been accused of a probation violation. At The Bullard Law Firm, we’re ready to offer you the legal representation needed to protect your rights.

Georgia Sentence Modification: Process, Requirements, and Limitations

Under Georgia laws, you can apply for a sentence modification under specific circumstances. It is essential to note that certain requirements and limitations apply, so reaching out to a Georgia sentence modification attorney may be crucial.

Who Needs to Register as a Sex Offender in Georgia?

At The Bullard Law Firm, we will offer the support you need to petition or modify risk levels and possibly advocate for your removal from the registry.

Getting Credit for Time Served in Georgia Criminal Cases

In this blog post, we explore what Georgia's laws state about receiving credit for time served in criminal cases.

Make sure your lawyer preserves your right to appeal

At Bullard Law Firm, we have extensive experience representing individuals on appeal.

What You Need To Know About Appealing A Felony in Georgia

In this blog post, we want to share a few things you should anticipate when beginning the appellate process.

Probation vs. Parole: What's the Difference?

Probation and parole are two legal terms commonly used interchangeably by non-lawyers, but these terms are significantly different. Learn more about the differences in this blog post.

How to Be Removed From Georgia's Sex Offender Registry

In Georgia, there are specific guidelines stipulating who can petition for removal as a registered sex offender and how the application can be reviewed. Learn more about you can in this blog post.

Can I Hire An Attorney For A Family Member In Prison?

If you want to get a loved one out of prison, it helps to hire a lawyer with experience representing clients on appeal and in front of the Georgia parole board.

Can I Get Off Probation Early in Georgia?

In Georgia, judges can revoke, change or modify the probation terms during the probation duration. Learn more about it in this blog post.

Real Talk About Reversible Error (Part III)

Reversible error has four, interdependent elements, each of which must be proven to net a favorable judgment on appeal. An appellant’s failure to prove any element forecloses relief.

Real Talk About Reversible Error (Part II)

The job of appellant’s counsel is to represent the appellant’s interests. Which means determining what arguable errors (issues) in a case are most likely to net the appellant a favorable judgment from the appellate court.

Real Talk About Reversible Error

An appellate lawyer is a writer, a strategist, a researcher, a consultant. But in the end, an appellate lawyer’s skillset boils down to the art of proving or refuting reversible error.

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