What Happens if You Violate Probation in Georgia?

Brandon Bullard
September 30, 2022

After being convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor, the court can release you from prison to complete the remaining sentencing under supervision. You risk serving the remainder of the term in jail or additional charges if you violate probation requirements. 

Types of Probation Violations and Penalties in Georgia

There are several ways you can be guilty of probation violation. They include:

  • Technical Violation: This violation occurs when the offender fails to adhere to general probation rules. Some technical violations include absconding fees or payments, failing to report to the probation officer, failing to pay restitution, or leaving your designated jurisdiction.
  • Technical Violation Penalties: The maximum punishment for the violation is revocation of 2 years of probation. This means that you will have to serve two years in jail.
  • Special Condition Violation: Past meeting the general conditions of your probation, probation may have other requirements that need further action. They include special situations such as attending courses, abstaining from alcohol, or avoiding certain people.
  • Special Condition Violation Penalties: The maximum possible penalty is the complete balance revocation of your probation term. This means you will have to serve the rest of your term in jail.
  • Substantive Violation: This happens when you commit another crime while still on probation. Even if you comply with the probation requirements, a misdemeanor offense during the probation period is considered a violation. It is essential to note that your probation officer has the right to decide whether to issue a warrant for arrest if they believe you are not complying with the terms of the probation.
  • Substantive Violation Penalties: The maximum punishment for misdemeanors is revoking the probation for two years. This implies that you will serve these two years in jail. For felonies, you might have to serve the remainder of your sentence in jail. Other possible penalties include heavy fines, incarceration, additional community service, or the extension of probation.

What if You Accidentally Violate Your Probation?

There are several requirements for probation. From attending regular meetings and treatment classes to paying probation fees, there are many things you’ll need to keep track of. For this reason, there is a chance of an unintentional probation violation. If you’ve accidentally violated your probation requirements, your probation officer has the discretion to either report these violations or not. 

Get in Touch with a Georgia Probation Violation Attorney

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