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Brandon Bullard
February 16, 2023

At The Bullard Firm, we understand that having a criminal record can be a burden, preventing you from getting jobs and housing and affecting your relationships.

Depending on how you count, the Supreme Court of Georgia sheared away three to five decades of its own precedent last week in that case.

An article currently circulating among the young lawyers of my state says that lawyers should not be filing notices of appeal. It suggests instead that they should prefer applications for discretionary appeal. Learn more here.

Probation and parole are two legal terms commonly used interchangeably by non-lawyers, but these terms are significantly different. Learn more about the differences in this blog post.

In Georgia, there are specific guidelines stipulating who can petition for removal as a registered sex offender and how the application can be reviewed. Learn more about you can in this blog post.

Apropos of nothing, I want to talk about how Patton Oswalt made me a better lawyer.

If you want to get a loved one out of prison, it helps to hire a lawyer with experience representing clients on appeal and in front of the Georgia parole board.

In Georgia, judges can revoke, change or modify the probation terms during the probation duration. Learn more about it in this blog post.

When I began writing this, the prosecution was making its final argument to the jury in the trial of Gregory McMichael, Travis McMichael, and William Bryan for the homicide of Ahmaud Arbery. Soon, the Court would instruct the jury on the law that it should apply to the case.

Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial is seeing a good bit of attention lately, not only for the crimes of which he is accused, but also because of a recent ruling that stops prosecutors from referring to the people he shot as victims.

Reversible error has four, interdependent elements, each of which must be proven to net a favorable judgment on appeal. An appellant’s failure to prove any element forecloses relief.

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